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What You Never Knew About Ice Storms And Chocolate

February 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered about ice storms? They’re freaky phenomenon, and they can be very scary if you don’t know what is going on. Another name for ice storms is glaze storms.

They’re created by freezing rain. When raindrops slowly move into a layer of freezing air, which is near the surface of the Earth, the drops freeze instantly when they make contact with the ground or other objects. Without electricity, a crepe maker won’t work. You’ll need power to run the best crepe maker. Unfortunately, ice storms can stop crepe makers from working.

Another Interesting Factthe ice

When extremely cold rain contacts with various objects, ice starts to accumulate. However, the surfaces that the rain contacts with must be below the freezing point. It’s nearly impossible to eat frozen chocolate fondue. With the right fondue fountain, you can get warm, melted chocolate. The chocolate can be used for dipping many different types of fruits.

This can be a very dangerous situation for older adults, who’re likely to slip and fall on the ice. Many people prefer to stay near their elderly parents during an ice storm because it’s especially dangerous for seniors. If you want to see what ice looks like, you can get an ice maker. You can purchase the best ice maker available. We recommend looking for ice makers that produce several types of ice.

More Ice Facts

All over the United States, ice storms occur during the months of January and December. The reason why is because these are usually the coldest months of the year.

Another interesting fact is that sunrise is the coldest part of the day. An ice storm can cause a massive amount of damage because ice weighs a lot. When you have massive accumulations of ice on trees, it can cause them to split. An ice storm can entomb virtually everything in a landscape.

It can convert pavement into deadly sheets of thick, smooth ice. Did you know that ice can increase the weight of a branch by roughly 30 times.

How Ice Damages Society

Although it’s completely natural, it can cause damage to society. Since ice weighs a lot, it can break utility poles or snap power lines. It can leave homes without power for up to a month.

One half of an inch of ice can add roughly 500 pounds of weight to a single span of power line. The power of an ice storm can virtually shut down an entire city. Without electricity, you won’t be able to use a beard trimmer. However, you should still be able to find some reviews for beard trimmers. It shouldn’t be too hard to get a decent shave with a beard trimmer you found on the Internet.

It’s incredibly dangerous to drive during this type of storm because the roads are likely to be incredibly slick. In fact, ice is even more dangerous to drive on than snow.

Even a thin layer of ice can cause vehicles to slide out of control. The National Weather Service actually views ice storms as deceptive killers because the majority of the deaths caused by the storm are indirectly linked.